DynamiCare is our Enterprise-class IT Managed Services focused on small to medium sized organizations that's proactive, consistant, and affordable!


Managed Wired and Wireless Networks

Network Management for Performance and Reliability

It all starts with the network.  Whether your environment is a single site or inter-connected multi-office organization, our managed wired and wireless networks allow all of your technology to operate safely and at optimal speeds.

Best Practices

Setting up a network properly requires knowledge and experience.  We use Industry standard best practices to optimize your network.  With productivity hanging in the balance, you can’t afford not to ensure your network is optimized.

Speed and Quality

Bandwidth is only one aspect of speed when it comes to business networking.  A properly configured network can ensure intranet speed as well as internet speed. QoS (Quality of Service) ensures that the most important network traffic has priority making sure speed and quality are properly applied.


Network security is a top priority for businesses today.  Don’t hope you are safe.  Our managed networks provide the protection you need.  Our VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) and VLAN’s (Virtual Local Area Networks) provide added layers of network security.


Do you have a need to offer both employees and customers WiFi access with different levels of access?  A properly setup wireless network can provide internet-only access to your customers while allowing employees to utilize the company assets they need.   Our wireless mesh implementations are capable of seamlessly delivering all of our managed WiFi features across large offices and campuses.

Point To Point

Many needs for connectivity can be best satisfied with a point to point wireless connection. Whether you need to connect offices that are across the street or miles apart you can connect with speed and security.  When wiring isn’t possible and the internet is not practical, our point to point wireless solutions can be the perfect fit.

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