DynamiCare is our Enterprise-class IT Managed Services focused on small to medium sized organizations that's proactive, consistant, and affordable!


Managed Security Services

No Scare Tactics, just Practical Security

Your business does not have the same security needs as every other business. Whether your needs are simply to protect against viruses or you have more advanced needs that include intrusion detection, DynamiCare SO can provide the practical level of security for your business.


DynamiCare S0 takes a basics first approach. All networks need Anti-virus protection and that is where our Managed Security Services begin. Managed AV means you don’t have to worry about whether or not your most basic layer of protection is up to date. It also means threats are reported without you having to do a thing.

Edge Security

Not every router is a firewall. There is no substitute for a good firewall where edge security is concerned. Many threats can be stopped by a correctly configured firewall with stateful packet inspection. All DynamiCare S0 edge security solutions include a true firewall to thwart these threats.

Surface Area

The surface area available to security threats is rapidly increasing. Social network use combined with BYOD policies are greatly increasing this surface area available for attack. DynamiCare SO Managed Security Services have options to account for this increased surface area up to and including mobile device security.

Internal Threat

Not every threat comes from outside your organization. Most internal threats are related to data theft for personal gain. DynamiCare S0 has the ability to track and save all user activity. This will not only deter most internal attacks, but it also provides every detail about user activity that compromises security.

Synchronized Security

Imagine all of your computers and servers talking in real-time with your firewall. When the two typically separate components of security actually work together the effect on your network security is exponential. If a threat is detected on your PC, the firewall can isolate it preventing further damage or vulnerability.

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