DynamiCare is our Enterprise-class IT Managed Services focused on small to medium sized organizations that's proactive, consistant, and affordable!


Managed Email Services

Never Lose Another Email

Email is the cornerstone of all business communication today, yet roughly 72 percent of all businesses will experience an unplanned email outage within a year. The majority of those will last more than 4 hours. What if that did not apply to you? DynamiCare E2 provides cloud-based email redundancy, creating enterprise reliability for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.


Power outages, internet drops, hardware/software disasters, spam/virus, maintenance downtime… DynamiCare E2 protects against all of these, offering you and your organization a true high-availability solution while allowing you to maintain the speed and flexibility of having your own in-house infrastructure.

Spam Protection

Every unsolicited email wastes time and presents a potential security risk. It is estimated that every unfiltered mailbox costs a company an average of $742 annually. DynamiCare E3 keeps your inbox clean and keeps your staff efficient and focused.

Unlimited Cloud Archive

Keep your email archived in the cloud without having to worry about the size of your mailbox or where to store it. Access your archived mail from any web browser or mobile device 24/7. Easily search your archives to find what you are looking for.

Email Continuity

With our in-house/Cloud hybrid approach, you reap the benefits and flexibility of your current in-house infrastructure while adding the resiliency and accessibility of Cloud hosted solutions. This gives you enterprise-level stability at an SMB-friendly cost.

Easily Send Large Files

Sending large attachments is often unsuccessful. DynamiCare E2 brings the ability to send large files easily and securely directly from Outlook.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is complex. A sound message archive and retention policy is the key to making compliance issues simple. DynamiCare E2 is the bulletproof solution to maintain the integrity and transparency required.

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