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More Uptime with a Managed Service Provider in Fort Lauderdale

Technology is one of those business-critical challenges that requires deep expertise, experience, and skill to ensure not only that it runs reliably, but also that it supports your business effectively.

With using a managed service provider you can stay up-to-date with these technical challenges. The common misconception here is that it is not affordable. In reality, with the IT landscape ever changing, it is more affordable than ever with the help of a managed service provider.

Downtime is Costly, Uptime is Key

A business network going down cost more time and money that you would think. With managed IT services, this can be avoided in most cases. Not only does a managed service provider monitor your network but you would have 24/7 access to an entire IT department at a fraction of hiring an IT individual to be onsite.

By choosing a managed service provider for your IT needs, your business will stay competitive as it no longer needs to worry about dealing with day-to-day system management from within the organization. Thus, allowing you to focus solely on your business.

Proactive Approach

If you ask a medical professional, they will tell you that taking care of your body over time and going in for regular checkups is a much more effective way of staying healthy than waiting until something is seriously wrong to see a doctor.

The same can be said for your IT infrastructure. Basically, managed services are like a checkup for your IT system. They allow you to identify potential problems before performance issues and downtime arise.

Avoid IT Emergencies (Break Fix vs Managed Services)

What was done in the past is not always the best option. When you had an IT issue you called and a tech was deployed. This all took anywhere from 30 minutes to a day depending on the size of the IT company you called and how busy they were.

Typically, with a break-fix request the IT provider must learn your system, which takes time, and then they have to find the issue, which takes more time. At the end of the day you are down for a longer period of time and as we all have learned, time is money.

As mentioned previously, one of the major goals of a managed service provider is to prevent downtime from occurring in the first place. In most cases, you will not know there was an issue and if you do end up calling 24/7 support, your issue will be resolved quickly.

Managed Security

Within the managed service provider realm, businesses place a large amount of focus on managed security. They may deal with threat management, vulnerability management, or compliance management.

Proactively managing information security is a must to mitigating the risks to your most important assets and to your business. Leveraging managed security services will help manage these risks to your IT assets in an efficient, cost-effective way that is aligned with the industries best practices. At DNS we eat, sleep, and breathe network security. We face threats across many small, medium, large, and enterprise businesses daily and are constantly evolving because it is our job to protect our clients.

When looking for the right managed service provider for your network and security management in Fort Lauderdale you must ask, will they be able to evaluate your current network and security setup and find any and all vulnerabilities with your current setup? Dynamic Network Support will evaluate and assess your network at no charge to you as well as educate you on what you have. This will lead to you knowing where you are in relation to your IT goals at all times.

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